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Meet the Firejuice team

View us as your fully flexible, outsourced marketing specialists. We help you think through your strategy and implement it effectively.

Firejuice Team Bernard

Bernard Jansen

Founder and Marketing Director

Born, bred and based in Johannesburg, I founded Firejuice in 2013 as a bespoke, strategic marketing consultancy. Through it, I function as an outsourced marketing director, fractional CMO, and growth advisor to business owners and senior executives. My approach is practical, hands-on, and tailored to the fast-paced, lean-resource environment of pre-corporate businesses.

With two decades of industry experience, I’ve advised clients across Southern and East Africa, including South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi. By focusing on the fundamentals of sound marketing, I’ve been able to help companies across a wide range of industries, such as engineering, technology, pharmaceuticals, professional services and consumer goods.

Clients describe me as a business-minded creative thinker and pragmatic straight-talker who is laser-focused on helping you achieve your desired business results.

Firejuice Team Dudu

Duduzile Maribe

Marketing Coordinator

My passion for creative marketing began during my studies at the University of Witwatersrand. In 2023, I joined Firejuice to grow my experience in arts marketing, audience development, cultural entrepreneurship, and strategic planning.

In this role, I serve as a project manager, creating marketing plans and helping clients wisely manage suppliers. I also manage my clients' social accounts – from creating graphics and writing captions to posting and responding to comments across a variety of social media channels.

I enjoy upskilling myself to stay on top of marketing tools and trends. I’ve improved my proficiency in design with a Canva Masterclass and honed my data visualisation skills with a Looker Studio certification. Clients describe me as warm, inquisitive and diligent.

Our operating principles

These are the principles we operate by and bring to every project.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly do we do?

We help owner-managed companies take a strategic, structured approach to marketing. Whether you need your marketing planned, assessed or implemented – taught in-house, fully outsourced or something in between – we can serve as your fractional CMO, part-time Marketing Director, Marketing Manager and Marketing Coach.

Are we an agency?

No, we’re a consultancy that works with you and your team – using our partners or your existing network – to take your marketing to the next level.

Have we worked in your industry?

Probably, since we’ve worked across many industries! It doesn’t really matter, because our approach applies to all businesses as we focus on the fundamentals of effective marketing.

Do we have capacity?

Most likely, because we continually optimise our processes, work with a network of high-quality professionals and rely on smart tools to work quickly and efficiently. This frees up our time to take on high-potential clients when we sense a good fit. Contact us to find out!

How do we charge?

As standard practice, we charge the bulk of project fees upfront, and when we do ongoing work (as part of an Service Level Agreement or contract), we invoice monthly in advance. This allows us to focus exclusively on delivering the outcome instead of counting hours – so we can get the job done faster.

Will we do your marketing for you?

No, we help you put the right strategy and plan in place. We then help you implement it through your own marketing suppliers and/ or our trusted network. This can include training and coaching your internal marketing team, writing job specs to hire suitable marketers or connecting you with quality creative and digital professionals.

What size of business do we work with?

We work primarily with owner-managed companies that are invested in improving and scaling their marketing function. Typically, this includes anything from a one-person business to large regional companies.