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The modern marketing mix is almost completely digital, so looking for a digital marketer when you seek help is normal. However, all marketing is digital or can be tracked digitally, so the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing no longer exists. There is no such thing as a “non-digital marketer” any more. The real question is if your marketer understands the fundamentals of marketing that have been around for over a hundred years.

All marketing is digital

Nowadays, nearly all forms of marketing have gone digital or have the capability to do so. Even traditional mediums like radio, magazines, billboards, and television have switched. It’s clear that the move from analogue to digital communication has had a significant impact on the marketing industry, and all marketers must now possess digital marketing skills. This shift is similar to how everyone now uses computers to type instead of typewriters or cars instead of horse-drawn carriages. The world has changed, and so has marketing. Gone are the days when you’d find someone saying, “I don’t believe in digital.” All marketers are now digital marketers.

Yes but…I specifically need a Facebook marketer

Marketing has become highly specialised, with search engine marketers, social media marketers, and content marketers each possessing unique skill sets. However, these specialisations are more relevant for large-scale campaigns. As a small or mid-sized business, it’s important to invest in a marketer who can handle a variety of tasks and adapt to different platforms. Dividing roles is a luxury, aside from the essential tasks of branding, website design, and occasional press releases. For the average business, that is somewhat capable in all the platforms is a better investment.

When it comes to marketing, it is important to have a comprehensive approach. Focusing on just one aspect can be detrimental to the overall success of a campaign. For example, social media should be supported by a well-written blog that requires search engine optimisation and distribution through email marketing. It’s all interconnected, and limiting your focus to one platform or channel may lead to missed opportunities. In short, hiring a marketer who can handle all aspects of your campaign is better than just a specialist in one area like Facebook.

The hard part is knowing the basics

Marketing is an important subject with established principles that apply across different mediums. Many books and courses have been created to teach these principles, and even degrees can be earned in marketing. Prof Koen Pauwels has summarised ten key counterintuitive truths in an article that highlights the importance of studying the subject. It’s possible to be a skilled “Facebook marketer” but still miss out on these important fundamentals, which could result in significant financial losses for a business.

Rather than seeking a digital or social media marketer, consider finding someone who studies the foundations of marketing. Look for assistance in creating a marketing plan that aligns with business objectives and offers practical support to sales. In terms of marketing, it’s advisable to employ individuals who comprehend that marketing is a commercial aspect of business. Typical digital marketers may need more comprehension of how all aspects of marketing connect and may hold a narrow perspective on its execution. Be cautious in your selection.

There are no shortcuts

Many companies believe they can address a sales problem with a hasty marketing campaign. They may say, “Let’s bring in a Facebook expert to manage a campaign for us quickly.” These endeavours are often accompanied by a repeated message about the need for “results,” emphasizing that the company is willing to pay for them. However, this approach can lead to a no-win situation. The marketer may accept the job to make some money, but ultimately, the company and the marketer may both come out on the losing end.

Effective marketing requires consistent, long-term effort and cannot be turned on and off at will. Marketing is a vital business function, just like operations, finance, HR, and sales. It must be done continuously to achieve results. Treating marketing as an optional expense and seeking quick-fix solutions is short-sighted. Your business must prioritize branding, market segmentation, communication goals, and disciplined implementation to see real results.

The role of marketing in a business is to handle the relationship with the larger market beyond just sales. Developing a good relationship takes time and effort. Nowadays, having a digital marketer is a must for any business. But the important question to ask is, do you need a marketer who understands the fundamentals of good marketing? The answer is a resounding yes! You require a marketer who can build a solid foundation for your marketing strategies.