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For companies looking for executive-level involvement from an experienced fractional CMO or part-time Marketing Director to proactively drive the implementation of a marketing strategy and implement growth-related projects.


Bernard Jansen, the principal consultant at Firejuice, is your fractional CMO and part-time Marketing Director. Bernard collaborates with you at an executive level, driving the marketing function and ensuring the successful execution of projects aligned with your business objectives. One of the primary benefits of working with Bernard is having a senior marketer on board at flexible terms.

Firejuice - Fractional CMO Approach


An experienced CMO/Marketing Director on flexible terms to push your marketing function into a higher gear.

Pricing and terms

  • R40,000 (ex VAT) per month or $4,000
  • Twelve months, with an option to extend month-to-month
  • You can cancel at any time, but fees already paid are not refundable


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Marketing Audit Check
Strategic Marketing Plan Check
Weekly management calls with you and your team/suppliers to drive things forward Check Check Check
Monthly marketing meetings to review results and refine the strategy Check Check Check
Annual review and decide whether to engage another year Check

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