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Marketing plays a vital role in achieving business success but many small- and medium-sized businesses don’t have the expertise to implement it successfully. Moreover, outsourcing marketing tasks can be expensive, potentially draining the already-small budget set aside for marketing. So, why not upskill through marketing coaching? As it turns out, upskilling employees to give them the marketing tools and knowledge they need can be just as expensive. But what if there is an in-between option that combines outsourcing and upskilling?

Reviewing and updating your current marketing plans

Some businesses already have a marketing plan, while others have no idea how to answer the “why” and “how”. For example: If you haven’t implemented a marketing plan, you’re likely wondering, “How do I implement this project?” Or, if you’re already in the implementation stage, you’re probably asking, “Why’s my marketing not yielding results?” Whether you’re in the planning or implementation phases, most internal teams need help to execute marketing activities properly. In our experience, we’ve found that giving continuous feedback and sharing from our experience adds significant value in upskilling your marketing team.

Establishing short-and-long-term marketing objectives

Every aspect of a business has goals – and marketing is no different with both long and short objectives. Short-term marketing objectives focus on producing a temporary boost in business and traffic; for instance, increasing social media engagement by 2%, implementing quick marketing fixes to build brand consistency, or improving email newsletter content to get more clicks. Long-term marketing objectives establish brand awareness and produce results year after year. These include running a marketing campaign, supporting sales growth, and reducing the conversion cycle from a year to six months. While setting objectives can seem challenging – especially if you don’t know where to focus – our experience shows that it helps goals on a quarterly basis and working with your team to implement it in the form of rapid learning cycles.

Developing current and future marketing plans

A large part of marketing a business begins with the marketing plan. This outlines necessary marketing efforts and helps you understand precisely where to spend your time, effort, resources, and budget. A foundational understanding of what a marketing plan is and how to create one will give you the independence to develop your own strategies moving forward. For instance, do you want to obtain more clients or increase profit from sales? Working closely with the internal team to develop and refine a marketing plan forms the core of any coaching assignment.

Briefing and managing marketing-related suppliers

We do it and show you how to do it too. Briefing and debriefing suppliers can be arduous, especially if they don’t understand what you need or you struggle to provide a clear brief. This is where we come in. We sit with you, understand what you need, and jointly prepare a brief for the supplier. We also double-check the work before you approve it, to ensure everything is correct.

Our marketing knowledge becomes yours

At Firejuice, we put real-world marketing knowledge and experience right in front of you. The more techniques and best practices you learn, the more you can incorporate them with confidence in the future. We’ll also help you compile monthly marketing reports to understand how it’s done, why you’re doing it, and how to track results. What’s more, at Firejuice, we have a history of coaching junior marketers so they can become more effective in their roles. We also advise senior managers to take a more strategic approach to brand building and marketing investment. Let Firejuice help you market your business strategically so you can grow.