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We monitor your marketing function to ensure its effectiveness and make suggestions to improve it.


We agree on a set interval of either every three or six months in which we review your marketing function and send you a report with our findings. Depending on your needs, a review can include spending time with your marketer, either virtually or in person,  assessing the latest marketing analytics, reviewing the social media accounts, scrutinising the performance of your agencies/third-party suppliers and understanding the quality of lead generation activities.

Firejuice - Strategic Marketing Review Approach


A report that provides a performance assessment of your marketing function.

Pricing and terms

  • R25,000 (ex VAT) per quarter or every six months, depending on your needs.
  • We work in 12-month cycles.
  • Cancel at any time, but fees already paid are not refundable.

Benefits of a regular marketing check-up

  • Keeps your marketer on track without needing a full-time Marketing Director / CMO.
  • Ensures you stay up to date with Marketing trends and tools.
  • Allows ongoing tweaks and improvements to your marketing strategy.
  • Keeps your marketing suppliers on their toes.
  • Gives you a clearer sense of marketing ROI.

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