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Marketing review for Alphawave, a tech holdings company

Alphawave is a large, specialised technology investment group based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, which owns several local and international ventures. Firejuice was appointed to review the company’s marketing activities and help improve its brand awareness, particularly among engineering students at top universities in South Africa, to attract talent.

Through a round of interviews and workshops, we identified vital activities that needed attention and proposed a campaign plan to achieve Alphawave’s communication goals. The outcome included specific recommendations for content marketing, events and social media to deliver on their business objectives.

“I enjoyed working with Firejuice to align our marketing strategy to our business objectives. They added insight to my thinking around the role a brand plays, especially in a technology business. I recommend them for an objective opinion on your marketing investment.”

Frans Meyer, CEO, Alphawave

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This group is very impressive, with interesting technology offerings that attract global attention. We enjoyed helping them think through their brand strategy to support continued growth.

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