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Firejuice was appointed as an outsourced marketing manager to Aluvin (also known as Aluvin Seals or Aluvin Securiseal), a second-generation producer of security seals and bags used in the logistics industry.

As B2B marketing consultants, we worked with the business owner and sales manager for two years, guiding them through a series of mini-projects to improve digital marketing to support the sales function. We modernised the corporate identity, strengthened the marketing message to communicate a clear value proposition, updated the corporate signage and rebuilt the website for a better user experience and future e-commerce capability.

One significant outcome of the project was that Aluvin understood how the marketing function within the business should be structured. Working with Firejuice as a B2B marketing consultant in South Africa provided an effective part-time solution that helped the business leadership better understand the type of marketing function they need and how to integrate it into the company.

“Firejuice really helped to develop our marketing strategy and get short-term objectives done. They are focused, driven and proactive, which is critical for small to medium businesses that often do not have a full-time marketing department. They are a valuable resource and also very nice to work with.”

Kevin Norwitz, Managing Director, Aluvin Securiseal

Firejuice - Aluvin


It was a pleasure working with this second-generation, family-owned business as a B2B marketing consultant. Their passion for what they do is evident, and they genuinely appreciate building a solid brand reputation.

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