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Divisional marketing plans a multi-disciplinary engineering group

Firejuice partnered with Bosch Holdings, an internationally-focused, multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm based in Durban, to refine their brand positioning and develop sector marketing plans for each division.

We started by assessing the group’s overall brand strategy and defining a new message to set the company apart from the competition and clearly define its identity to staff and partners. We then organised a series of workshops with the various sector heads to develop mini-marketing plans for each, including a clear value proposition, marketing message and a content plan. Finally, we prepared a job spec for an internal marketing coordinator role and helped to train the appointed recruit.

Through an engagement of 18 months, we helped Bosch Holdings move from having no formal marketing function to developing a well-performing marketing team with divisional buy-in and an integrated approach that also helped attract top talent to the business.

“Firejuice provided a refreshing approach to marketing through their strategic perspective and practical guidance. Their intervention created a collective buy-in to the benefits of marketing and delivered tangible positive results to Bosch Holdings.”

Mike Gibbon, Chief Executive, Bosch Holdings

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This was one of our first major consulting projects. We enjoyed working with this dynamic team of engineers and had fun helping them establish a marketing function inside the business.

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