Buffalo Bicycles


Strategic marketing plan


Kisumu, Kenya

Route-to-market strategy in Kenya

Buffalo Bicycles is an international brand of heavy-duty bicycles that helps mobilise communities across Africa. We were tasked to develop a strong route-to-market strategy as they opened a network of shops in Kenya. The challenge was to clearly communicate their practicality and quality against solid competition from cheap imports and motorbikes.

Through virtual interviews and workshops, we systematically researched the local market, understood the competitive environment, built a profile of the target market and clarified a brand story for both business (B2B) and end-user (B2C) customers. We then created an agile marketing plan that could rapidly be rolled out with only limited outside support. We also created a detailed project plan and marketing budget to guide the team as they implemented it using local marketing suppliers.

Throughout the process, we up-skilled the Kenya team to help them understand how marketing could better support their existing sales process. The goal is for the plan and learnings to be rolled out in other markets, including Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.

“We enjoyed working with Firejuice to help us unpack the market in Kenya and create a plan we could own and implement immediately. Our interactions were always pleasant, and everyone felt part of the process.”

Brian Berkhout, Vice President Sales, Buffalo Bicycles

Firejuice - Buffalo bicycles


Buffalo Bicycles is a fantastic organisation to work with. We worked together during the height of the pandemic, and although our interactions were exclusively virtual, we learned much about the Kenyan market and enjoyed collaborating with the sales and marketing team worldwide.

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