Movit Products


Marketing review


Kampala, Uganda

Marketing review for East Africa expansion

Firejuice conducted a strategic marketing review for Movit Products, a large personal care manufacturer in Uganda. The objective was to recommend ways to optimise the company’s brand portfolio amid stiff competition from international brands.

We started by reviewing available market research and followed with an in-country tour of traders, shops and ethnic hair salons to better understand the competitive environment and customer perception of the brand. We used this information to facilitate a strategy workshop with the executive team. Firejuice also developed a detailed report on how the company can more effectively protect its market share and successfully compete against international brands, while expanding into the rest of Africa.

“Firejuice thoroughly analysed our marketing strategy and contributed to a route-to-market strategy for our intended expansion in the East Africa region. Their structured manner and fast turnaround helped us quickly bring about positive organisational change.”

Simpson Birungi, Chairman, Movit

Firejuice - Movit Image


This is an extraordinary business, and we felt honoured to work with them. We especially enjoyed the in-market tour of small owner-managed beauty salons across Uganda and helping the executive team develop a fresh perspective on marketing strategy.

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