PRIMA Industrial


Marketing strategy
Brand development



Crafting a successful brand strategy and marketing rollout for a fourth-generation owned industrial company

For over 85+ years, PRIMA Industrial has built a strong reputaion in supplying engineered castings to the global mining industry. Firejuice helped them revamp their brand and implement a marketing plan to further expand their business.

Over two years, we worked closely with the owners and sales representatives to determine the brand’s value proposition, modernise its corporate identity (including its logo, colours, fonts, and photography), establish its authority in specific categories, create a social media presence, and recommend ways to enhance their marketing function. We also collaborated with the sales team to focus on important accounts.

“Working with Firejuice brought a fresh perspective to building our brand. Through their brand strategy and marketing guidance, we improved our exposure in international markets and gained new business.”

William Price, Chief Executive, PRIMA Industrial

Firejuice - Prima Industrial


We encouraged PRIMA to become more active on social media, and their online activity revived interest in the company and directly led to new orders. It emphasised just how effective social media can be, even in complex B2B sales.

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