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Qone's marketing journey in the African construction market

Qone, a leading manufacturer of premium aluminium windows and doors, sought to expand its presence in the African construction market. Recognising the need for a strategic marketing approach, the company partnered with Firejuice.

We worked closely with Qone to develop a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to the unique needs of the African architectural market. The collaborative project focused on empowering Qone to manage its marketing efforts effectively while providing coaching and support to upskill the internal marketer. The result has been a stronger, more effective marketing investment to support the sales team as they sought to attract higher-value customers interested in top-end fenestration. 

By combining Qone’s product offerings with our marketing expertise, the business was able to take a low-cost approach to marketing that minimised the need for external agencies. This allowed them to quickly tweak their marketing activities as they controlled them in-house and responded quickly to feedback from the sales team. 

“We were attracted to Firejuice’s clear offerings, which include both marketing planning and coaching. Now we don’t only have a clear roadmap, but also one that we are able to manage ourselves into the future.”

Matthew Bosch, Founder and Managing Director, Qone


Qone approached us to take a more focused approach to marketing their high-end fenestration solutions to the construction sector in Africa. We were happy to help them reposition their brand to showcase the premium bespoke nature of their product and to train their marketers to effectively manage the marketing activity.

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