Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions (RMS)


Strategic marketing plan



Strategic marketing plan

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions (RMS) is a mid-sized, South-African based manufacturer and distributor of refractory materials. They engaged Firejuice to define their marketing message and develop a plan to promote their services.

We conducted interviews and workshops to understand the company’s long history and core capabilities, and frame these into a cohesive brand story. We then formed a marketing message and developed a plan to effectively communicate its services to customers via its website, social media and sales materials. Finally, we kickstarted roll-out of the marketing plan until RMS felt confident to continue independently.

The successful project gave the company a straightforward approach to marketing itself to customers locally and abroad.

“By helping us see our business through the eyes of a customer, Firejuice challenged our perspective and helped make our brand really meaningful. Their approach was open and structured, involving many of the key people in our business. Firejuice’s values resonate with us, and we highly recommend them for SMEs that need a seasoned marketing expert who will have your company’s interests at heart.”

Dennis Brazier, Managing Director, Refractory and Metallurgical Solution Pty Ltd

Firejuice - RMS Factory Vereeniging


We enjoyed working with a business with roots in the early days of South Africa’s mining boom in the early 20th century and with a clear intention to keep evolving to serve clients for another hundred years.

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