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Brand evolution of a dynamic software and systems provider for hospitals in Africa

We partnered with TriFour, a software and systems provider to hospitals in Africa, to overhaul their branding and marketing strategy, targeting a stronger alignment with their business objectives.

Our approach was to drill down into the essence of TriFour’s brand—clarifying their unique message, competitive edge, and core values. By conducting thorough research into industry trends and competitor strategies, we developed a tailored brand strategy that accurately captured TriFour’s vision and values.

A significant achievement in our collaboration was launching a new website for TriFour that’s modern, user-friendly, and fully reflective of their updated brand identity. The results of our collaborative approach allowed for a quick rebranding and website relaunch that led to marked increases in web traffic, customer engagement, and sales.

“Thanks to Firejuice ’s expertise and guidance, we were able to successfully launch our new brand and website and have seen a significant increase in website traffic, engagement, and sales. We are extremely grateful for their contribution to our success and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a talented marketing strategy consultant.”

Ivan Williams, Group Sales and Marketing Officer

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TriFour has partnered with a leading global software and systems provider, which has led to a need for a stronger brand and more prominent marketing activities. It’s crucial to project a professional image on the same level as the business partner. After all, you don’t want to appear second-class when you’re invited into the first-class cabin.

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