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The role of marketing within entrepreneurial companies has often been relegated to mere administrative tasks, overlooking its strategic potential to drive substantial growth and financial success. This perspective not only limits the scope of marketing but also undervalues the real impact that a strategic marketer can have on a company’s trajectory. Recognising this gap, a recent webinar we conducted aimed to redefine the role of marketers, empowering them to add more strategic value to their businesses.

Your marketer is likely stuck

Marketers, especially those working internally within companies, frequently find themselves trapped in a cycle of mundane tasks. Far from engaging in activities that significantly contribute to a company’s strategic goals, they are often bogged down by administrative duties, rendering their potential untapped. This scenario not only stifles the growth of the marketer but also, by extension, the growth of the business itself.

A strategically relevant marketer adds much more value

In this webinar, we outline six steps for marketers to transition from being seen as merely an administrative resource to becoming a strategic asset within the business. These steps are:

  • Linking marketing efforts directly to financial results
  • Adopting a customer-centric approach
  • Embracing external experts
  • Committing to continuous learning
  • Challenging existing assumptions within the company
  • Owning up to the marketer’s responsibility in driving the business forward

Encourage your marketer to step up

As a CEO or business owner, understanding and promoting the strategic role of marketing within your company can be a game-changer. Encouraging your marketing team to engage with the insights and practical advice shared in the webinar will enhance their contribution to your company’s success. By fostering an environment where marketing is integrated with the company’s strategic objectives, you unlock new avenues for growth.

An empowered marketing team drives business growth

The transition from administrative to strategic is not just a shift in tasks but a transformation in mindset and approach. As leaders, CEOs have the unique opportunity to catalyse this change, elevating the role of marketing within their companies.

Our experience coaching marketers has taught us that internal marketers have the potential to be more than just an administrative resource; they can be pivotal contributors driving your company towards greater success.