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An online meeting that’s ideal for individuals and small businesses who want fresh ideas and an expert opinion on their marketing questions.


We start by setting up an online meeting in everyone’s diaries. We usually allocate 90 minutes for the session, although it can last shorter or longer depending on your needs. We continue until you are satisfied. We invoice beforehand, and the consultation is confirmed once we receive your payment. After the consultation, we will email you a summary of the discussion so you can use it as a strategy roadmap.

Firejuice - Online Consultation Process


Actionable, no-nonsense marketing advice and a summary of our discussion that you can use as a strategy roadmap.

Pricing and terms

  • R5,000 per call or $500 for clients outside South Africa – our invoice is payable on receipt before the consultation
  • The average consultation length is 90 minutes, but it can be shorter or longer – we’ll continue until you know what to do
  • Fees paid are not refundable


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Set up the online meeting in everyone’s diaries Check
We’ll send you an invoice to settle Check
Consultation via phone or video call Check
Circulate a summary of key points from the call Check

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